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Revolution Records is NorthWest Connecticut's premiere record store. We carry all kinds of records, from Soundtracks to Country to Heavy Metal. We take pride in the fact that one of the most often-heard statements from our customers is, "I've never seen this before!". We carry mostly records which have been previously loved, but we also work with several distributors and can get any of the new releases and re-issues available. We are also the only Record Store Day approved store within a 45 mile radius!

While we specialize in records, we also carry a varied assortment of CDs, sports cards, comics and memorabilia. We offer a 3rd Party Trading service for people who trade sports and non-sports cards over the Internet.

3rd Party Trading Service

So many people tell horror stories of getting ripped off in trades. No one should ever have to feel insecure about doing trades over Facebook groups or any Internet marketplace. Revolution Records offers a 3rd party trading service for the small sum of $4 per partner, per trade. For just $4, you have the security of knowing that your cards will arrive, and you will not be the victim of fraud. Here's how it works:
  • You and your partner both send your card, $4 and a pre-printed mailing label to us
  • When both parties cards arrive, we take photos and send them to your trading partner
  • If both parties agree, the cards will be mailed
  • If both parties agree to cancel the trade, the cards and postage will be mailed back to the originator

We use bubble mailers at our own expense, you just need to provide the postage. For a mere $4, you have piece of mind and will never be ripped off again!