Revolution Records is Torrington's premiere record store. Located minutes from Route 8, we have the largest selection of records in the area, and we also carry CDs, DVDs, 45's and laserdiscs.

Revolution Records was founded by John DiBella, a long-time record enthusiast and collector. His enthusiasm for music and collecting goes back to the 80's, when he and his friend Ted Pirro would venture into the Greenwich Village section of New York City and spend hours rummaging through places like Bleeker Bob's, It's Only Rock And Roll, Revolver Records and Second Coming, looking for imports and other artifacts that couldn't be found at your average chain store. The idea of opening a store was taking shape, but the funds to do so just didn't exist for two 20-year-old guys.

Throughout the 80's and 90's, John and Ted would frequent record shows, swaps and riots, and venture into mainstays like Brass City and Phoenix in Waterbury. Always looking for that rare German picture sleeve 45 or UK import EP that eluded them. Queen's First EP. ELP's 1977 Radio-Only promo LP, Guns 'N Roses' Appetite with the original cover, Queensryche's elusive Blue Ring version of Rage For Order... There was always something new to hunt down and add to their collection.

The idea of opening a record store again began to germinate, and after spending 4 or 5 years selling records at area record shows, the accumulation of inventory began. After a number of locations failed to meet their approval, they finally settled on the Willow Street location. With some great feedback and some newspaper articles about their opening, it looks like Revolution Records has found a permanent home in Torrington, CT.